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CSCI 1710

Introduction to Web Design and Development

Design Notes

This site was designed using several tools. Text files were edited with Notepad++, a versatile freeware text editor with many nice features. File transfer was accomplished using FileZilla, another popular open source application. The front end layout was completed using the Bootstrap Framework by Twitter.

Our sites are hosted on a Ubuntu Linux server hosted by DigitalOcean and administered by the author. Adobe Photoshop was used for the image editing.

Other resources that will be used in the class include:

HTML and CSS Book
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Author: Jon Duckett
ISBN: 978-1118871645
512 Pages
April 2014

This is the text we'll be using for the class this semester. I've found it to not only be an easy read, but it aligns nicely with the course content. It is a bit dated, but nevertheless, really explains things well. It should be available in the bookstore by the time you read this.