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CSCI 1710

Introduction to Web Design and Development

Tables & CSS

Download the .zip file and extract the files to a temporary folder on your external drive. Open tableExamples.html and tableExamples.css in Notepad++. The tables are already written in the HTML file, but the second one is commented out initially. Run tableExamples.html in your browser. Then look at the tableExamples.css file. Uncomment lines from the CSS file, save, and refresh tableExamples.html in the browser to see how each affects the styling of the page. To uncomment a block of code in Notepad++, all you have to do is right-click on the comment and select "Block Uncomment" from the menu. Try changing values and making new rules to see how they affect your page. Then uncomment the code for the second table in tableExamples.html, save, and refresh. Again, change values in the CSS file and see how the changes affect the display of the page.